Exceptional Student Services

The Exceptional Student Services Department has been very busy during the Month of April, and May looks to being just as busy.

The Staff has proctored in all classes, as they took the PAARCS Test.  And in May we will also Proctor for the NWEA Testing. 

In the Afternoons in May, the Special Education Students will participate in the Brigance Test, which will help determine academic levels and growth.

On April 12, we had a Special Education Easter party, where students and some staff members has a Spaghetti dinner, and received an Easter Bag.

On April 20 – 23, the ESS Students (Sped. And G&T) 5th – 7th Grades went on a Fieldtrip to Albuquerque, New Mexico.  They all seemed to have a good time.

On April 26th, the ESS Students (Sped. And G&T) Kindergarten – 4th Grades went on a One day Fieldtrip to Farmington, New Mexico.  They all were excited, and behaved very well.

Many ESS Staff members have participated in Classroom Fieldtrips as Chaperones, where their services were greatly appreciated.

Some of the ESS Staff helped to decorate the Gym for the Junior High Prom; it looked beautiful.

ESS has just about finished Evaluations and IEP meetings until the beginning of next School year.

The Special Education Department is planning an having a Special Education Summer Program in June, it is still in the planning process.


Exceptional Student Services Manager- C. Jodie
ESS Administrative Assistant- M. Begay
ESS Teacher- J. Yazzie
ESS Paraprofessional- G. Harvey
ESS Paraprofessional- E. Hickman
GT Teacher- J. Russell