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Lukachukai Community School was a Bureau of Indian Affairs operated schoool up to June 30, 1998.

The school is now incorporated as a non-profit organization for charitable and educational purposes and the school board is responsible for the administration, operation and deveolpment of policy,pursuant to the Navajo Nation Education Council Education Commitee’s Resolution, ECD-127-96 and the Navajo Nation Council Intergovernmental Relations Commee’s Resolution,IROC-11-0-97.

On June 22, 1912 a Catholic chapel was completed in Lukachukai. Upon completion of the chapel, the local people met and requested a need for a school. In 1914 the consruction of the school began. The opening of the school was in April of 1916 at which time it ran through the summer but was closed during the winter time.

Lukachukai Community School is currently serving 384 students in Kindergarten through 8th grade from three (3) Chapters; Lukachukai, Tsaile/Wheatfields and Round Rock Chapters. 349 of these students are day students and around 28 students are registered with the residential program.

Lukachukai Community School currently has about 82 certified and classified employees. Some of our Employees commute from the nearby communities; Tsile/Wheatfields, Chinle, Many Farms, Rock Point and Round Rock and some are from our own community of Lukachukai.

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LCS Parent Center


Lukachukai Community Board of Education Inc. Parent Educator, Staff, Community Organization (PSCO) officers reviewed the School Wide Parent Involvement Policy with the parents, community members and staff at a duly called PSCO meeting. After the requirements have been thoroughly explained to the audience, they were given the opportunity to have input, comment, and/or give suggestions for improvement of the policy. The School Wide Parent Involvement Policy has been communicated to parents and community memebers at the most recent annual parent meeting and it will be presented to all school employees during thier regular staff meetings. After the consensus has been reached by the stakeholders, the policy is reviewed by the governing board for approval.

The Parent Involvement Policy of Lukachukai Community Board of Education, Inc. includes:

  1. Parents be involved jointly with the school in development of the School Improvement Plan and Parent Invovement Policy.
  2. Assist in planning and implementing effective parent involvement activities to improve student academic achievement and school performance.
  3. Provide Input and suggestion for professional  development for staff and parents.
  4.  Assist in promoting a safe and drug-free school.
  5. Support school activitites such as Open House, Parent Teacher Conference, and Parent Meetings, etc.
  6. Assist in writing of improvement plans as a result of monitoring school improvement status and other amendments to Native Star or section 1114.
  7. Have input with the development of a school – Parent compact outlining how the school, Parents and child will share the responsibilty to increase student achievement.
  8. Attend Parent- Teacher Conference to be involved in the discussion of the compact, reports  of thier child/children’s learning progress, and opportunities to volunteer, participate in or observe their children’s classes.
  9. Awareness and understanding of the new Common Core Standards and assessments.
  10. Be knowledgeable in monitoring thier child’s progress and how to work with educators to improve thier children’s achievement
  11. Contribute to and work as equal partners with the school.
  12. Assist in coordinating and integreating parent involvement activities such as transition of Headstart Kids, Parents As Teachers (BabyFACE program), Home Instruction program for preschool youngsters, and State-run preschool Programs.
  13. Assist in the development of budget planning of 1% of Title I for parental involvement expenditure.
  14. Attend annual parent meeting, to which all parents of participating children are invited and encouraged to attend.
  15. Be Knowledable of the bus, fire, and disaster safety evacuation drills.

Quality learning occurs when there is a combination of effort, interest, motivation, and collaboration. we are commited to Lukachukai Community School student’ successful achievement and will facilitate thier learning to the best of our ability.

LA Mtn. breakSix Types of Parent Involvement

Parental involvement may take place either in the classroom or during extracurricular activities. However, the Lukachukai Community School LCBE, Inc. also encourages parental involvement at home (e.g., planned home reading time, informal learning activities, and/or homework contracts between teachers parents and children).
The six types of involvement are:

  • Parenting: Help all families establish home environments to support children as students.
  • Communicating: Design effective forms of school-to-home and home-to-school communications about school programs and childrens progress.
  • Volunteering: Recruit and organize parent help and support.
  • Learning at Home: Provide information and ideas to families about how to help students at home with homework and other curriculum-related activities, decisions and planning.
  • Decision-Making: Include parents in school decisions, develop parent leaders and representatives.
  • Collaborating with Community: Identify and integrate resources and services from the community to strengthen school programs, family practices and student learning and development.


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